Tenders, quotations & expressions of interest

Our e-tendering web portal is Tenderlink

We undertake the majority of our tendering via e-tendering software. This has been designed to improve the speed, efficiency, transparency and fairness of the tender process.

We have a formal tendering policy that governs the way we formally tender for goods and services. In addition to the internal Tendering Policy, all tendering in NSW Local Government is governed by the NSW Local Government Act 1993, Section 55 and the NSW Local Government (General) Regulation 2005, Part 7.

Advertising our tenders

All new tenders are advertised in a local newspaper as well as a Sydney metropolitan newspaper. A notice of each tender is also placed on the Tenderlink website. Companies registering with Tenderlink can do so free of charge providing they register through the GTCC portal. Tender documents will not be issued from the Tenderlink site, it is only used for notification and advertising purposes.

When a new tender is issued the following link to the APET360 Pro webpage will be included with the tender advertisement and will be shown on our website along with general information regarding each tender.


Responding to a tender

Prospective tenderers will need to use the APET360 Pro portal to obtain a full set of documents.

In order to respond to a tender, Suppliers must first register on the 360Pro web portal, obtain the details and then respond online. There is no charge for registering. Registration on this system is no guarantee of being invited to tender or contract.

As a registered supplier, you can log on at any time to view current tenders, download and view the documentation electronically and seek clarification or to ask questions regarding a specific tender via the APET360 direct email system. The lodgement of the tender can be completed and lodged electronically through the Apet360 Pro secure e-tender box.

Register of Government Contracts Advice

Register of Government Contracts Advice

We are required to record and publish information about some contracts.

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