Temporary food stalls

Food stalls must meet the NSW Food Authority's Guidelines for food businesses at temporary events.

We regularly inspect food stalls at events and markets to make sure food being sold is safe to eat.

Charities and community groups

If your organisation is a charity or community group, please read the fact sheet Charities community groups and temporary food events.

Do I need to tell Council about my food stall?

You don’t have to tell Council about your stall if it is:

  • a once off event with only one stall eg Lions Club sausage sizzle
  • part of a larger event e.g. a markets or festival – the event organiser will do this

You do have to tell us if:

  • your food stall is on a footpath – you must write to us 7 days beforehand to seek approval
  • if you are organising an event with multiple food stalls. To do this you need to complete the Special Events Food Business Notification Form  at least 7 days before the event.

For information about fees see Inspection & administration fees for food businesses.

Contact us for more information. 

Food safety supervisor requirements

Some temporary food stalls must have a Food Safety Supervisor. For more information see the NSW Food Authority's Food safety supervisor web page.