Mobile food vans

A mobile food van is any vehicle that is designed to be moved from place to place and is used to sell food.

All mobile food vans must comply with the NSW Food Authority’s Guidelines for mobile food vending vehicles.


Each year we inspect food vans that operate locally. If you have a new van and would like us to inspect it, visit our How to notify your food business page and complete the form. For information about inspections and fees, see food business inspection and administration fees

If you’re from outside the Manning Valley and want to operate in our area you need to send us a recent report from your local council. The report must be less than 12 months old. If the report is satisfactory we won’t need to inspect the vehicle. If we believe there may be a risk to public health, we will need to inspect.

Operating a food van on private land

Food vans are allowed to set up and operate on private land without development consent under certain conditions. For example, if you want to do this you must:

  • have owner’s consent
  • not restrict any vehicle or pedestrian access or entry to any buildings
  • not obstruct operation of, or access to, any utility services
  • not operate under trees or cause damage to any trees
  • not damage public property
  • operate in or near residential areas only between 7.00am and 7.00pm
  • not contravene any conditions of a development consent for any other use on the land

Operating at an event or market

Event coordinators need to notify us about any mobile food vans and temporary food stalls that will be at the event. To do this, complete our Special Event Food Business Notification form. We invoice event/market coordinators for any mobile food vans inspected.

Operating on roads, in public car parks or on public land

If you want to operate a mobile food van on our road, in one of our car parks or on our land, you must ask us for permission.

Only vans selling ice cream, chocolate or confectionery are allowed to operate on our roads, however you must comply with the Guidelines for the operation of mobile vending vehicles on roads.