Food inspections

Our Officers inspect food businesses once or twice each year. These inspections are required by NSW laws. No prior warning is given.

The number of times a business is inspected each year depends on the type of business:

Priority Classification


Example of type of business

Level 1

Twice each year

Caterer, bakery

Level 2

Twice each year

Restaurant, takeaway, cafe

Level 3

Once each year

Green grocer, service station

Level 4

Not needed

Low risk foods, packaged

What’s covered during an inspection?

  • food handling practices
  • cleanliness of the premises
  • cleanliness of equipment and appliances
  • the way food is stored
  • temperature control
  • personal hygiene
  • pest control
  • whether the food shop fit-out complies

The booklet Operating a food business will help you learn more about food safety issues and inspections.

Food Premises Assessment Report

Food businesses are assessed using the Food Premises Assessment Report (FPAR).

During an inspection the Council Officer scores your business depending on the risk levels identified. The scores range from 1 point (minor risk) to 8 points (critical). The lower the score, the better the grade.

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