Egg products

Eating foods containing raw or minimally cooked eggs is the single largest cause of foodborne salmonella outbreaks.

We strongly recommend food businesses:

  • Offer safer alternatives to high risk products such as raw egg mayonnaise or butter. Commercially manufactured mayonnaises, for example, are pasteurised and use proven recipes;
  • Use pasteurised egg products for preparation of uncooked and lightly cooked foods. Pasteurised egg ingredients are an excellent, quality replacement for shell eggs in many foods.

Nil tolerance for makers of raw egg products

Food businesses manufacturing raw egg products that fail to satisfy the following requirements will be issued with an Improvement Notice ($330 charge) at the time of the inspection:

  • Do not use cracked, dirty, damaged or deteriorated eggs.
  • Store potentially hazardous food under temperature control (ie ensure refrigeration keeps food 5°C or less).
  • Ensure a digital probe thermometer is readily accessible.
  • Ensure food contact surfaces are clean and sanitised and an appropriate sanitising method is in use.

Further information on using eggs and raw egg products is available by viewing the following fact sheets produced by the NSW Food Authority:

Articles on foodborne illness outbreaks associated with raw eggs

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