Livvi's Place Taree

We've established a very special friendship national charity, Touched by Olivia and we plan to work together to build the first inclusive play-space in Taree.

Livvi’s Place Taree is part of a national network of inclusive play-spaces and the site will be centrally located in Fotheringham Park, where there is ample riverside parking, public transport, food nearby, a foreshore walk and lots of other things to do. This will be a special place where differences are accepted and everyone is invited to play side by side, enjoying the benefits of belonging and being an active part of the community. What makes this project even better is the play-space will be designed in partnership with our local community.

Touched by Olivia has already created 18 inclusive play-spaces across Australia and have a mission to make sure every child is included in every community. A ‘Livvi’s Place’ in Taree will be a place for residents and visitors of all ages, stages and abilities to meet, socialise, connect with their community and make new friendships in a safe and play-filled environment.

To fund the play-space, we have allocated $150,000 and will look to secure additional grant funding and volunteers from Touched by Olivia will work with our local community to fundraise additional money towards the project.

Touched by Olivia came to town on Thursday 24 March to design Livvi's Place with local children, parents and interested community members. There has also been some great brainstorming happening on Livvi’s Place Taree Facebook page, so if you'd like to join in click here

The survey has now closed, so now it's time to start putting these ideas into action which means we need to start fundraising! Touched By Olivia has set-up a fundraising website that gives community members and groups the opportunity to donate by purchasing a paver.  This is a great way to not only contribute to getting this important project off the ground, but the personalised pavers serve as a lasting reminder of the part you played in bringing Livvi’s Place Taree to life. 

To donate by purchasing a paver in your own name, or on behalf of your family, your business or a community group, click here.