Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival

Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival

Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival


Saturday, Jun 3rd 9:00am - 4:00pm


12 Farquhar Street, Wingham



Contact Details:

Contact: Eric Richardson



Phone: 0265535412

Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival has events over a week!  It commences on Sunday, 28th May with a Scottish Concert at the Catholic Church commencing at 2pm.  On Thursday, 1st June we have a Genealogical Fair with guest speakers and genealogical organisations commencing at 9.30am to 2pm.  On Friday, 2nd June the day commences at 7.30am with Bravehearts Breakfast poetry 'slam', at 10am a Scottish Heritage Bus Tour departs the Museum to visit Scottish ancestral sites. Other events include a golf competition, Scottish shortbread baking competition, Welcome reception at 5.30pm and Scots Family Night out at 7pm.  On Saturday the Grand Scottish Ball commences at 6.30pm until late.  On Sunday the lay Thanksgiving on the Manning River commences at 7.30am followed by breakfast at 8am and lunch & Ceilidh at midday.