Reduce food waste

Food waste –What is the problem?

  • For every NSW household more than $1000 of food is thrown away each year.
  • For every household in our area, around 160kg of food is sent to Bucketts Way landfill each year, over 40 per cent of a household’s weekly garbage is food. (Domestic Kerbside Waste Audit, 2011)

Love food hate waste

The 'Love food hate waste' program aims to raise awareness about the impact of food waste in NSW and help our community reduce the amount of food we waste.

We are a registered partner for the program.

Love Food Hate Waste can help:

  • Avoid food waste,
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce their environmental impact by planning better, shopping smarter and storing food effectively.

Visit the 'Love food hate waste website' for more information to help waste less food, save money and help our environment.


Composting is an excellent way of recycling your food waste and garden waste.

  • Composting gives back some of the nutrients we have taken from our soil.
  • Putting home-produced compost onto gardens greatly reduces our dependence on chemicals, such as artificial fertilisers and pesticides.

 Please see Composting Fact Sheet for more information.

Worm farming

  • Worm farming is an excellent way of recycling your food waste.
  • Worm farms can be kept outside, inside, on the balcony or in the garage.
  • Use your food leftovers and turn them into a rich soil-like substance called 'castings'.
  • Worm castings are great for feeding house plants, adding to seedling mixes and potting soils or top-dressing around plants.
  • Worms love vegetable and fruit peelings and crushed egg shell.
  • Worms’s least favourite foods include dairy products, butter & cheese, meat, fish, fat and bones, very oily foods and citrus, onion and garlic.

See Easy worm farming guide for more information.