Road safety

The Local Government Road Safety Program is based on partnerships with Local councils, Transport for NSW, NSW Centre for Road Safety, and Roads and Maritime Services.

Our Road Safety Officer works alongside many local government and non government organisations, community groups and sporting clubs to increase awareness of road safety campaigns, and promote road safety initiatives throughout our region.   

Campaigns and education initiatives include:

  • Workshops for supervisors of learner drivers
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Safety around schools
  • Speed compliance
  • Drink drive programs
  • Older Road User Safety (use the link on the right to download the 2016 Seniors Calendar)
  • Aboriginal Road Safety
  • Motorcycle safety
  • Heavy vehicle safety

Home Town Slow Down challenge!

In May this year, Greater Taree drivers went head-to-head with our Forster neighbours to find out who are most safety conscious on our roads.  While Forster took out this year's challenge with more pledges signed, drivers in both areas slowed down in the 50km zones that were monitored.

While the challenge might be over, every day is an opportunity to commit to keeping our roads safe... slow down for your home town!

Road Rules

Even the most experienced road users can sometimes be unclear about NSW road rules, especially newer rules like those relating to mobile phones and GPS systems. 

Click here to find out the Top 10 misunderstood road rules, or watch the video clips here... you may be surprised! 

Check back here frequently for new road safety resources.

Home Town Slow Down

Home Town Slow Down

As at 28 April 2016, 133 people have been killed on NSW roads, compared to 100 for the...

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