Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance

You will need to apply for a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance if you sell or lease your property from 29 April 2016 – unless
  • Your Occupation Certificate is less than 3 years old and includes your swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Register picture

Unfortunately, most swimming pool barriers (fence & gate) don't meet current safety standards and end up failing the first inspection.

To support you in passing your first inspection, we have identified the 5 most common areas where pools fail to comply. You will find these in our 'Pool Safe' Swimming Pool Self Assessment Tool and on our webpage Pool barrier (fence & gate) child safety standards.

Before you apply for a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance you need to
  1. Register your pool on the NSW Swimming Pool Register
  2. Use our ‘Pool Safe’ Self Assessment Tool
The first inspection for Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance costs $150. The follow-up inspection costs $100.
Unsure if your pool is ‘Pool Safe’ and meets current standards?

Here's some more things you can do:

  1. Book an appointment to meet with us.
  2. Send us your query tareecouncil@gtcc.nsw.gov.au

For more detailed self assessment checklists and information visit www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au