NSW Swimming Pool Register

If you have a swimming pool or spa, it has to be registered

Registration is free of charge. Go to the NSW government Swimming Pool Register to register your pool. Penalties apply if you don’t register your pool.

We can register your pool for you for a fee of $10.00. This will have to be done in person at our Customer Service Centre. 

Not sure if your pool is registered? or Want to print a copy of your registration certificate?  Do this on the Swimming Pool Register.

  • Select ‘Lookup Pool’.
  • Enter the address details and click on 'Find property'.
  • Confirm the correct address by ticking the box beside it.
  • Select 'Search for Certificates'.
  • If the pool is registered you'll see 'Registration certificate' listed - double click on this to open a copy of the certificate which you can then print.
  • If the pool has a Compliance Certificate this will be listed and can also be printed. 

A registration certificate is different from a compliance certificate:

  • Registration certificate - shows that your pool is registered with the state government. 
  • Compliance certificate - shows that your pool has been assessed by a qualified certifier and that safety aspects such as the pool fencing meet the required standards. Visit our Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance webpage for more information.

From 29 April 2016, you will need a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance before you can sell or lease your property.