Changes to the Bucketts Way Waste Management Facility

What’s changed?

Since 1 July 2015, we started weighing your load.

You are now weighed on entry, and again on exit, so that you can be charge accurately for the load you are disposing of.  This replaces the old per boot or per trailer fees, and depending on what your load consists of, your fees may reduce.   

This is a user pays system which will be fairer for people who will only pay for what they dispose, where previously many people paid for more than what was required.

Loads that are under 60kgs will have a minimum charge and anything above 60kgs will be weighed in and out to ensure that you only pay for what you bring to the landfill.


A waste levy imposed by the State Government requires a contribution for every tonne of waste we receive at the facility.

We pay this levy on your behalf.

As this contribution is based on weight, the new weigh in and out system has been put in place to ensure accuracy.

10% of this levy is returned to councils in NSW to spend on waste initiatives and reduction strategies.

So how much does this cost?

It costs us about $81 for every tonne of waste deposited to landfill.

The waste levy adds $76.70 to this cost.

GST is collected on top of the levy, so the real cost to you is an extra $84 per tonne, payable to the state.

Since the levy was introduced in 2009 we have paid approximately $7 million, last year alone we paid $2.1 million.

Over the past 5 years the levy has increased by more than 300%. In comparison, our general rates which are regulated by the government, have increased by around 10%. 

What is the levy being used for?

The levy contributes to a fund aimed to improve waste recycling across NSW.

The levy is administered by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and the NSW Environmental Trust.

The EPA have advised that $497 million of the $1.5 billion collected has been allocated to this fund.

How can you minimise the impact the levy?

Sorting, recycling and selling items that can be reused will reduce the amount of levy that has to be paid.

Don’t dump it!

A percentage of the funding that we get back from the state has been allocated to increasing the surveillance of illegal dumping, which has become an issue in our region.

You can easily take a photo of dumped rubbish and report it with our handy WasteInfo app.