Land valuation

The Valuer General oversees the valuation of parcels of land in NSW. The Valuer General of NSW department manage the valuation system on behalf of the Valuer General.

A Notice of Valuation is issued to landowners by the Valuer General every three to four years. This valuation is used by Council when calculating rates.
Land Values are shown per parcel of land on the first Assessment Notice (Rates Notice) for the financial year.
When a re-valuation has taken place, the Valuer General will advise customers via letter. 

The Valuer General of NSW website can give you information on:

  • land values in NSW
  • areas/dimensions of your property
  • valuation sales reports
  • the Valuation System in New South Wales

Land valuation of the Greater Taree LGA

A General Revaluation of the Greater Taree Local Government Area (LGA) was undertaken from July 2013 by the Land and Property Information (LPI) on behalf of the Valuer General. This information was used to calculate your rates for 2014/2015.

Any objection regarding the valuation of the land must be directed to the Valuer General’s Office.