Electronic rates notice

Did you know, you can now receive your rates notice electronically? 

  • Enjoy the convenience of having your rates notices delivered directly to your nominated email in-box. 
  • By removing the need for paper-rates, it's friendlier for the environment.
  • And you'll help save thousands of dollars on unnecessary printing and postage - funds that we can divert to other projects that benefit the whole community

Get your rates in your inbox

To sign up, have your current rates notice handy, and then follow this simple 3-step process:

1. Enter your details including: your name EXACTLY as it appears on your rates notice, your assessment number EXACTLY as it appears on your rates notice (including the dot between the last two digits), your preferred email address, and a username.

2. Check your in-box and click the link to activate your registration. This authentication step ensures that your email address is not used without your permission.

3. Choose a password, which along with your username will allow you to log in.

Not only will your next rates notice be delivered by email, you can log in at any time to view all your rates notices that have been delivered to you electronically. 

Once registered you are in control of where your rates notice is sent.  If your email address changes, update your profile online by visiting My Profile, and if you require a hard copy of your notice, you can log in and print it at any time.

Click here to register to have your next rates notice delivered to your in-box.

Having trouble registering?

Check that the details you're entering are EXACTLY the same as on your rates notice.  For example, if "and" is used, it may not be substituted for "&".

Check the email address you're entering is valid and in the correct format.

Didn't receive the activation email?

The email address you entered must be incorrect or inactive.  To have this updated, please phone our Customer Service Team on 02 6592 5399.