Information for Vets and Permanent Identifiers

Managing permanent identification information

The Companion Animals Register has been set up to allow identification information to be entered directly into the system, removing the need for vets and pet owners to complete and then manage paper-based forms.  By providing Vets and Authorised Identifiers with the facility to enter the information at the point of customer contact, the correct information is collected in the Register immediately, which in turn ensures pet owners can be contacted in the event that something happens to their pet.

By using the self-managed online system, the process becomes simpler, faster and more accurate for all involved.  Not only does it cut down the paperwork required, it removes the need for Vets and Authorised Identifiers to visit our Customer Service Centre.

Where can I find more information?

The Office of Local Government has all the information Vets and Identifiers need to know about the Permanent Identification Process.  Just visit their Information for Professionals Vets and Identifiers web page.  You will find the current Guidelines for Authorised Identifiers at this site.

Information on entering Identification data onto the Register can be found on the Companion Animals Register.  The How-to is called Companion Animals Register User Manual, and can be viewed or downloaded once you have logged in.

We also have a quick-step Identification information data entry How-To.

What about support?

The Office of Local Government have dedicated officers to support Vets & Permanent Identifiers.  You can contact them at or call them on 1300 134 460.

 Council staff are available to provide training on using the Register, a quick and easy 3-step process, if required.