Found an animal

If you find a dog

Stray dogs are often distressed and reporting them quickly assists us to locate and collect them and reunite them with their owners. While our rangers can patrol the area of the sighting, picking it up from a known location is much easier. If you are able to secure the animal by tying it up out the front or securely in your backyard, we will pick up the stray from your property. Our Rangers are able to pick up stray dogs during business hours Monday to Friday.

If you find a stray dog over the weekend or on a public holiday:

  • Leave the dog in our after-hours cage at the pound (please ensure there is water in the bowl). The pound is located next to our Council Works Depot in Arkwright Crescent, Kolodong (off Wingham Road); or
  • Keep the dog until you can call us on the next business day. We will try to collect the dog that day.

Dogs that are threatening other people or damaging property will always be our priority. 

If you find a cat

If you find a cat, it is likely it has an owner. Unfortunately we can't collect cats. If you find a cat, just let it be and it will make its way home.

If you find a dead animal

Dead animals on public property can also be reported to us and we will remove them. For reasons of public health, we dispose of animals immediately and they cannot be recovered by owners.

We don’t remove dead animals from private property. You will need to contact a local vet for assistance.