Dog friendly areas

We have dog friendly areas where your dog can exercise and you can socialise with other dog lovers. For full details of our policy on Dogs on Council managed land, click on the link on the right.


Saxby Park in Stevenson Street, Taree, is a declared leash free area for dogs. 

If on a leash, your dog is welcome to join you in any other park. To ensure the safety and comfort of children and others, you are asked to keep your dog at least 10 metres from playground equipment and also from mobile food vans and the like, where preparation of food for human consumption is underway. 

Dogs on beaches

Your dog is welcome on or off a leash on our beaches as long as you keep it away from the following the areas:

  • more than 50m away from a patrolled swimming area
  • Blackhead ocean pool
  • away from Little Tern nesting areas
  • outside any National Parks exclusion zones*
  • sign posted walking trails in bush land reserves

You are responsible for the collection and removal of your dog's faeces and you may be fined if you are not  adequately controlling your dog.

*National parks exclusion zones include:

  • North of where Mudbishops Road becomes an unsealed road
  • North of the Manning Point beach access
  • North of the area on Mudbishops Road, locally known as ‘Second Corner’
  • Charleys Island
  • Mudbishops Island
  • Farquhar Park

Dogs in outdoor dining areas

Your dog can join you for a coffee and socialising, in outdoor seating areas and with the permission of the food business operator if it is on a leash and under your control and it is not fed and is kept on the ground. 

If your dog is Dangerous or Restricted dog, it may not join you in this instance. 

By remembering your responsibilities as a pet owner, the outdoors can be enjoyed by all.