Buying a pet from the pound

If you’re thinking of taking home a new furry friend, the pound is a great place to start.  Over 400 animals are delivered to our pound each year and we love to re-home them when we can.  PoundPuppy

Not only might you find your new best friend, but it's cheaper to buy your pet from our pound because the fee covers all the set-up costs such as micro chipping, registration and desexing.  For a dog or cat, the fee is $250.

Once you’ve chosen your new pet, we’ll process your payment*, complete the necessary paperwork and contact the vet to make a booking for desexing. You’ll then be able to collect your pet the next day after he or she has been desexed.

* Please note:  All transactions must be made through EFTPOS. Cash payments cannot be accepted, and no cash is held on premises. 

We only house pets that are suitable for re-homing and are in need of a caring environment. Sometimes you can even purchase a pet that is already either fully or partially trained.   

The pound is located next to our Council Works Depot in Arkwright Cresent, Kolodong (off Wingham Road), and is open from 8.00 am to 9.00 am 7 days a week. For access outside of these hours, you can request an appointment by phoning 6592 5399 during business hours.

If you're interested in finding out what animals are available before visiting, call 6551 4184 during pound opening hours.

Wanted: Old blankets and towels

We like to make sure the animals in our pound are kept as warm and comfy as possible, especially in the colder months. If you, (or someone you know), are able to donate towels and blankets that you no longer use, our pound residents will be very grateful. Every donation counts and can be dropped off at the pound during opening hours. 

If you have lost your pet, he or she may be impounded.  Check here for more information.