Noxious weeds certificates

Noxious Weeds Certificate (Section 64)

This certificate provides information as to whether:

  • there are any weed control notices affecting the property
  • the amounts of expenses payable in connection with any weed control notice
  • the amount of any outstanding charges arising from the control of noxious weeds.

A prospective property purchaser, or the agent, may apply in writing for a Noxious Weeds Certificate (Section 64) under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993.

A Noxious Weeds Certificate does not provide certification as to a property’s existing noxious weed status.  A property may have current noxious weed infestations.  This certificate only relates to outstanding noxious weed control notices affecting the property.

Requesting a Noxious Weeds Certificate 

Use our online system to apply for a Section 64 Noxious Weeds Certificate. You will need to register for some services.


A statutory fee is payable for each Section 64 Certificate. GST is not applicable. Fees are indicated on the Property Enquiry & Certificates Application form.