Building certificates

A Building Certificate (Section 149B Certificate) indicates whether a building has been constructed according to the required approvals. It also indicates whether any part of a building requires demolition.

Obtaining a Building Certificate means that we will not issue an order to repair, demolish or rebuild for 7 years after determination under the condition that the premises are in a satisfactory state and have not deteriorated. We may still issue orders to ensure adequate fire safety in a building, or swimming pool defects, even if a Building Certificate has been issued.

Applying for a Building Certificate

An application for a Building certificate can be made by:

  • the owner of the land on which the building stands
  • by any other person who has the consent of the owner of the land
  • by the purchaser of the land (or their agent) who is under a contract of sale for the land on which the building stands
  • by a public authority that has notified the owner of their intention to apply for the certificate

Requesting a Building Certificate

You can request a certificate by downloading and completing an Application for Building Certificate form. 

A copy of the survey report for the building is normally required to be included with this application.

Send your form and payment to us by post, or visit us.


Building Certificate fees are calculated according to the floor area of the building and the classification of the building under the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

See our schedule of Fees & Charges for the list of Building Certificate fees.