149 Planning certificates

A 149 Planning Certificate will provide you with information on how land may be used and any development restrictions applying to that land.

The matters which must be contained in the certificate are specified in Schedule 4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

Any person can apply for a 149 Planning Certificate.

A Planning Certificate contains information correct on the day of issue.  This is because planning controls can change at any time.

A 149 Planning Certificate will specify, but is not restricted to:

  •  property zoning
  • permitted and prohibited uses
  • whether or not land is bush fire prone
  • flood related development controls
  • any road widening proposals
  • state planning policies that affect the land
  • development Control Plans that apply to the land

 There are three different planning certificates

  •  149(2) Planning Certificate provides specific information and is a mandatory inclusion in a contract for the sale of land
  •  149(2) Complying Development planning certificate only contains information as to whether or not complying development may be carried out under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008, and if not, the reason why not
  •  149(2) & (5) Planning Certificate provides the same specific information as 149(2) plus additional information concerning the land that we may be aware of. The extra information is provided in good faith, and the Council does not incur any liability for information provided

Requesting a 149 Planning Certificate

Use our online system to apply for a Section 149 Planning Certificate. You will need to register for some services.

Apply online for a Section 149(2) Certificate.

Apply online for a Section 149(2) & (5) Certificate. 


A statutory fee is payable for each 149 planning  certificate. GST is not applicable. Fees are indicated on the Property Enquiry & Certificates Application form.