Weeds can cause harm to the whole environment. They cause problems for agriculture, human health, livestock health and our land. They also have the potential to spread within our area and to other areas.

Noxious weeds are serious weeds. By law, they have to be controlled. The law that controls noxious weeds is the Noxious Weeds Act 1993

How do I know if a weed is a noxious weed?

Check this list of noxious weeds or contact us for advice.

You can also visit:

Noxious Weeds Declarations – NSW Department of Primary Industries

What are your responsibilities?

Under the Noxious Weeds Act you have a legal obligation to control noxious weeds on land that you own or occupy.

What is Council’s role?

We work with landowners and occupiers to help you with your responsibilities according to the Noxious Weeds Act. This includes:

  • identifying weeds
  • providing advice and information on ways to control weeds
  • providing displays at community events about weeds
  • an ongoing program of rural and urban inspections to check for noxious weeds

See Noxious Weeds Inspections for more information about inspections.

Pesticide Use Notification Plan

Our Pesticide Use Notification Plan sets out the process we follow to inform the community about pesticide use in the local area, including outdoor public places owned or controlled by Council.   Council ensures that pesticides are applied to public places in a safe, responsible manner, minimising harm to the community and the environment.  The plan allows members of the community to take action to avoid contact with pesticides, if they wish.


Noxious weeds inspections

Noxious weeds inspections

If we need to inspect your property we’ll notify you first, either in person, by phone or in writing.

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Information about weeds

Information about weeds

We can provide free information about weeds. There are also useful links to information here.

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