Save Power Kits

Our Save Power Kits are a great way for you and the family to save power, reduce your power bills and help the environment.

Each kit has tools and instructions to help.  The Save Power Kits are part of the NSW Government’s Save Power Program.

Residents can borrow these kits free of charge from their local library.

  • Power Mate Lite to measure how much power you are using.
  • Infrared Thermometer to measure draughts.
  • Save Power Thermometer

What's in the Save Power Kit?

Power-Mate Lite

This shows you how much energy anything with a plug is using. It tells you how much power is drawn each hour, or day or year.  It also tells you how much it costs to run over that time, and how much greenhouse gas is being produced. You enter your kWh costs and the machine does the rest.  The worksheet guides you through measuring and saving energy from your fridge, TV, washing machine, dryer, and other equipment, including how much power is being used on stand-by.

Infrared Thermometer

The Infrared Thermometer points out the draughts in your home which are letting in the winter cold and summer heat, making your heater and air conditioner work harder. Point the infrared thermometer at windows and doors and it will measure the surface temperature, identifying changes which show draughts.

Save Power thermometer

This is an ordinary thermometer with Save Power markings showing the recommended temperature settings for fridges, freezers and living areas. Simply leave it for 15-30 minutes where you want to check the temperature and use the handy guidebook to tell whether the temperature is set right or whether you can be more efficient.


Hot water is usually the biggest power user in NSW homes. Use the stopwatch to work out how long you - or other members of the family - are spending in the shower and how much hot water you are using. Shorter showers save power and water.


Which direction does your home face and why does it matter? Work out which rooms and windows face north and west with the compass so you can ensure you make the most of the sun in winter and save money on cooling by shading them in the summer.

Guidebook, worksheet and action plan

The kit comes with a great guidebook, worksheet and action plan for every borrower to get you started and record your measurements. Follow the advice and tips and identify the many simple ways for you to start lowering your power bills right away.