Farquhar Inlet entrance opening management plan

The Farquhar Inlet is situated at what is considered to be the southern entrance of the Manning River. Concerns regarding the water quality at Farquhar Inlet and the associated state of the local oyster industry were raised by the community during the consultation phase of work that was undertaken by Patterson Britton & Partners (now WorleyParsons) in preparing the ‘Manning River estuary management study’ (GTCC, 2009).

It is understood that frequent and extended closures of the oyster harvest areas in recent years have led to a reduction in the profitability of the shellfish industry. In addition, the condition of water quality at Farquhar Inlet is seen by the community to impact on the recreational value of the lower estuary in the vicinity of Old Bar and has a potential impact on tourism.

The Manning River Estuary Management Study acknowledged these issues and the concerns of the local community. The 'Estuary management plan" that was developed from the study identified the need for further investigation and the development of an Entrance opening management plan for Farquhar Inlet.

Council engaged WorleyParsons to undertake these investigations and to develop the plan. The plan documents the current situation and the issues surrounding the current management of the entrance. It also describes and assesses a range of options that could be implemented to manage the entrance so that the frequency of the water quality and recreational issues that have occurred over recent years is reduced, and provides recommendations for the future management of the entrance.

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