Delivery Program

Our four-year plan

The Delivery Program outlines what Council proposes to achieve towards the strategic objectives identified within the Manning Valley Community Plan.

The Delivery Program expresses Council’s commitment to pursue the community’s shared aspirations for the future of our Valley, through our services and actions over the next four years.

This Program is a critical planning tool that translates the community’s strategic goals into actions. It highlights issues of most concern to Council and the community.  It identifies how Council will respond to areas of greatest need by identifying specific tasks and projects.

A component of the Delivery Program is the Resourcing Strategy, which identifies the financial, workforce and management strategies required to fulfil the Program. While the general means by which delivery of the Program is incorporated in the Resourcing Strategy, the specific activities that will realise the goals of the Delivery Program are detailed in the annual Operational Plan.

The Delivery Program is subject to periodic review and will act as a ‘report card’ for Council to measure its progress and performance at the end of each Council term.

Resourcing Strategy

Resourcing Strategy

The resourcing strategy is a component of the Delivery Program and is based around three interlinking plans

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