Community Plan (MVCP)

Our community has helped us in preparing the Manning Valley Community Plan, it describes the key objectives to be achieved from 2010 to 2030.

The Community Plan addresses our social, environmental and economic needs to help make the Manning Valley more sustainable. It is a long-term plan for our community's future.

What will the Plan do?

The Manning Valley Community Plan covers a wide range of topics including:

  • social needs,
  • environmental management
  • land use
  • community infrastructure - including roads and bridges,
  • culture and the arts
  • opportunities for economic development.

It sets out the community's long-term objectives for the area and identifies priorities for services and spending. We will base future decisions on what is set out in the plan.

Each newly elected Council will prepare a four-year delivery program, demonstrating how they will implement the plan during their term of office.

The Community Plan will also be used to highlight community needs to State and Federal Governments and to lobby for more funding.