Meeting process

Council meetings

The Council meeting is advertised on our website and in local media and the agenda with accompanying reports is published the Friday before the meeting on our website.

Notice of Council Meetings is given on our website and in the Manning River Times.

Copies of the agenda are available at our libraries and by request.

Holding the meeting in public is one way that transparency can be achieved. Having a proper debate is another. By observing a debate, onlookers are able to see how and why council came to make a decision.

This does not mean that all Council decisions will be made in public. Some Council meeting decisions need to be made in closed council (that is, closed to the public) for legal or commercial-in-confidence reasons, or because a privacy or council staff matter is being considered.

Councils are required to have guide to how its meetings are run which is consistent with the Local Government Act 1993 and Local Government regulations 2005.

Our code of meeting practice is based on well-accepted procedures that are intended to ensure meetings are run fairly and productively.

A well-run meeting should have a clear and informative agenda, be well chaired and facilitated, follow meeting procedures appropriately, and adhere to statutory requirements.