Floodplain Management Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Floodplain Management Advisory Committee is to advise Council on the development and implementation of Floodplain Risk Management Plans for the Greater Taree local government area. Floodplain risk management plans provide specific advice in relation to how to:

  • reduce the impact of flooding and flood liability on the community;
  • reduce private and public losses resulting from flooding;
  • recognise flood prone land as a valuable resource that should not be unnecessarily sterilised; and
  • take into account social, economic, ecological and cultural factors.

For further details on the Committee, please refer to the Terms of Reference.


GTCC Councillor (Chairperson)

GTCC Councillor (Deputy Chairperson)

GTCC Senior Leader Asset Planning

GTCC Senior Leader Planning and Environmental Services

GTCC Team Leader Development and Traffic

GTCC Flood and Drainage Engineer

Local SES Controller or nominee

Office of Environment and Heritage representative

Community representatives

Meeting dates

The Floodplain Management Advisory Committee meets every three months on the second Wednesday of the month, commencing in March.