Event Sponsorship Funding Panel

We would like to support local event organisers with sponsorship.  Whilst our budget is limited we can assist organisations with the delivery of events that provide social, environmental or economic benefits to our community. 

Sponsorship for events is assessed against these strategies that have been identified in our Manning Valley Community Plan

  • Strategy 25 Leisure & recreation
  • Strategy 27 Sport
  • Strategy 28 Arts & culture
  • Strategy 29 Reconciliation
  • Strategy 30 Heritage
  • Strategy 31 Community relationships
  • Strategy 32 Community identity

Apply for sponsorship funding?

Before we can consider sponsorship, we require two forms to be completed and lodged with us.

  1. Event applicationform (if applicable)
  2. 'Sponsorship application' form. (applications closed on 15 May)

Applications for funding will only be considered if these forms are completed.  Sponsorship funding is not re-current every year.

Event organisers also need to demonstrate the success and outcomes of their event by completing an evaluation of the event and submitting it to us within a month of the event. Failure to do so may make the event ineligible for future sponsorship.

Applications due date

All applications for 2016/17 event sponsorship closed on 15 May 2016.

The approval process

Applications are assessed by the Event Sponsorship Panel. Once the panel have decided on the successful applicants, it must be approved at the June Council meeting.

Council reports