We're here to help

Cut-through the red-tape and simplify the application process by meeting with us in the early stages of planning your project:

  • We'll work hand-in-hand with you to provide personalised advice regarding your specific project.
  • We’ll tell you what type of approval you need for your project, how long it will take, and importantly, how much your application fees will be.
  • Find out how you might amend your plans to avoid the DA process – for example, sometimes a simple change to the measurements can make your plans compliant.
  • We have everything in one place to save you time and money - for example, we can work with you from the outset to apply for your Construction Certificate at the same time as your DA.

We recommend arranging both a:

  • Pre-Lodgement meeting - to assist you in understanding the process, preparing the required paperwork and finalising your application; and a
  • Lodgement meeting - where the team will check that you have everything you need in your application to avoid potential hold-ups as the DA is processed

Complete our online form by answering a few simple questions, which will help us understand your situation and provide the right advice on next steps.

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