What's a DA anyway?

A DA (Development Application) is a formal request for consent to carry out development on your property – from installing a new fence or a renovation to your existing home, to constructing a new building or an industrial estate…. and everything in between.

The approval process takes into account all the various local, state and federal planning laws that are in place to manage the social, economic and environmental impacts of a new development.  Not only do these laws protect the overall look of our landscape, they ensure your plans don’t impact negatively on the environment or your neighbours.

Whatever your proposal entails, you’ll need to know whether approval is needed, and what restrictions apply. 

If you do need approval, you'll need to lodge an application with us. This can be a full Development Application (DA) or an application for a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) .

But the process can be complex, so if you're still unsure, we're here to help.

Different types of developments

Different types of developments

*How your proposed development is classified will tell you whether a DA is needed.* A high proportion of...

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