The DA Process Part 2 - After lodgement

After we’ve received your application, there's a lot to do!  The steps we follow include:


1.  Preliminary Assessment.  Here we check your application to identify whether we need any extra information, and if it needs to be referred to others for their input.


Hot Tip

Avoid hold-ups!  We may contact you during this time to ask for extra information. If this happens, we can’t do anything until you supply it – so make sure to respond quickly or, if unsure about what you need to do, ask us.



2.  Notifying adjoining property owners.  Just as you'd like to be informed if next door was planning work that may impact you, sometimes we're required to let your neighbours know what you're planning.





3. Reviewing submissions.  If feedback has been received from adjoining property owners, we review this to determine what needs to be done, if anything, in order to proceed.




4. Assessing your application.  In the final stage we check every aspect of your proposal against:

  • current building regulations and codes
  • local and state development plans and regulations
  • environmental, social and economic criteria

Once we've determined the outcome, the officer looking after your application will contact you with notification on whether approval has been granted, but you can check on the progress of your application at any time using our online tracking tool.



How long will it take?  Processing time is directly related to the complexity of your development.  For straightforward DA’s, it may be as quick as 2 weeks, while for others it usually happens within 6 weeks if all the required information has been included.