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Here you can track your DA, or check out what's happening with developments in your area. 

The status of all DA and CDC applications can be checked using our online Application Tracking service. 

When larger developments are required to be advertised in the local newspaper, they're also listed below while they're open for public comment. Click on the link to access the relevant plans and other documents. 

If you'd like to comment about an application you can make a submission.

Important points to note when making a submission:

  • We need your full name, email and postal addresses, telephone number and the application number with your submission so we can keep you updated.
  • Try to use specific examples to support your comments.
  • Your comments and personal information will be publicly available. Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, anyone can apply to view submissions. They may also be included in Council reports, which are made available on our website, or in court proceedings.
  • There are some legal requirements to consider when making a submission especially in relation to political donations or gifts.
  • Email your submission to us at Email is now our preferred method of communication but post is also accepted.